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Privacy Policy
This policy covers data usage for the whole Websee community, including data collected through the use of the Websee website as well as the browser extension that powers our community. The browser extension only collects two pieces of data from browsing activity: the URL and title of web pages visited. This anonymous data is aggregated and directly utilized to generate the content displayed on Websee. IP addresses are internally recorded to prevent abuse and ensure only one visit is counted per IP per URL per day. In the future, series of activity from IPs will be utilized to form clusters on Websee for the sake of generating more diverse content around collections of whitelisted websites and interests.
Under no circumstances will data be sold. At some point in the future, Websee may make the web traffic data on the platform publicly available for public benefit, but only of whitelisted URLs and stripped of IP addresses.
We are supporters and proponents of the New Deal on Data, and thus will only act as temporary chaperones of your data, to put it to good use for you, the Websee community, and the wider public. We will handle the use of your data with complete transparency and only so long as you allow us to use it. Because the current state of the platform has no methods of personal identification, we do not have methods for discerning ownership of data. However, if at any point in the future we build an account system, then the owner of any account will be able to view all the data we have on them, see how it is being used, and with the click of a button directly delete it from our records.
We firmly believe that organizations that are open and honest about the utilization of user information are not only more ethical, but more sustainable and impactful due to their ability to do even more extraordinarily helpful things with data that could only ever be collected on a foundation of respect and mutual trust.