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Websee is the collective mind of the web that we create together.

As a single point of view in a vast sea of information, it can be difficult to determine what is actually important. But, when we pool our perspectives together we can all enjoy the greater insight that emerges.

Websee is a medium for us to come together to create better information sources for ourselves, each other, and society, by automatically and anonymously voting for what we see.

Let's crowdsource an open platform to create and discover a better web!

What is Websee?
Websee is a new and open model for content aggregation and communication on the web. It is a direct look at the most popular pages across the web each day, and a universal web discussion and sharing platform. It is a new stream of the web, crowdsourced through the anonymous activity of people like you and me, all over the world :)
It’s underlying mechanism is simple:
People across the web freely join the community as "webseers". When they do, they begin anonymously and passively sharing the websites they visit back to a single pool. In this sea of data, the peaks in traffic at particular web pages become immediately apparent. The greatest of these peaks are continuously displayed on websee, thus generating the best summary possible of the collective happenings on the web, and in society, in real time.
Through the browser extension, webseers enjoy the ability to hold discussions on any web page, independent of a site’s abilities or restrictions. On any page a webseer can simply click the extension icon and a window will appear with the ability to discuss that page, or share the page back to websee or other information networks.
By pooling our data together, we can provide each other a source of better information–free of the manipulation and bias of traditional sources, make internet statistics more accessible to scientists and the general public, monitor and support diversity in information sources in society, financially back projects and organizations that create public benefit, and open smooth channels of free discussion across the web.
Although our daily browsings are individually irrelevant, they are collectively magnificent, forming the droplets of the sea of the web.
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